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Shatong (Taixing) Chemical Co., Ltd

Shatong (Taixing) Chemical Co., Ltd is a fine coal chemical enterprise jointly funded and built by Shagang Group and Zhangjiagang Xiangbo Trade Co., Ltd, it locates in Taixing Economic Development Zone-Jiangsu Province. The registered capital is 44.20 million dollars and the has been divided into two phases for construction. Right now the first phase has been completed and put into production with annual outputs of 300,000 coal-tar oil and100,000 crude benzol. The annual outputs will in double since the two phases all in production.

The main products  are: phenol, o-phenol, cresol, cresol No.1, xylenol, naphthalene oil, washing oil, anthracene, carbon black oil, modified coal tar pitch, sulfur, dephenolized phenol oil, non-benzenoid aromatic, benzene, methylbenzene, xylene etc.

Contact Us

  • Address:No.22, Chengjiang Road, Economic Development Zone, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province
  • Postal Code:225400
  • Tel:0523-89788000
  • Fax:0523-89788111