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Chairman Shen was conferred “Outstanding Entrepreneur Jiangsu Province”

China Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Government of Jiangsu Province announced recently to award 13 advanced economic development zones, 100 outstanding enterprises and 100 top entrepreneurs. Chairman Shen Wenrong was honored with “Outstanding Entrepreneur of Jiangsu Province”.

Mr. Shen Wenrong, Chairman of the Board of Shagang Group, Vice-Chairman of China Association of Enterprises and Chairman of Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce ACFIC, throughout take “Making China a stronger steel producing country” as the goal, carefully implemented the scientific outlook on development, and firmly carried out the development strategy of “Creating the Premium Product Base; Establishing Environment Exquisite Steel City; Struggling forward to the World Top 500”, relying on the innovation of scientific technology, systemic mechanism and management improvement to make Shagang from a workshop with self-raised funds of 450,000 Yuan into a group company has total assets of more than 150 billion Yuan, its main processes and equipments have reached the international advanced level with annual production capacity 33.65 million tons of iron making, 41.50 million tons of steel making and 38.65 million tons of rolled products. As the China’s largest private steel enterprise, National Innovative Enterprise and Key Enterprise Group of Jiangsu Province ranks into the most competitive iron and steel enterprises in all over the world.

Since 2015, in the face of the steel market demand remains weak, steel prices continue to fall, the overall losses of the serious situation of iron and steel industry, Chairman Shen Wenrong lead staff to carry forward the enterprise spirit of “self-reliance and hard struggle, innovation and overcome any hardship”, concentrate on quality, benefit and efficiency, firmly implement the three major developing strategies of “to be stronger and more precise in our main business – steel; to be big and superior in modern logistics; to be strong and firm in our non-steel business”, we are making full use of comprehensive advantages on talents, equipments, grades, quality, brand and unique geographical location etc., such as strengthening management on production and scheduling, going efforts to promote the systemic projects of ”Reducing cost, saving expense, stressing innovation, exploring potential and increasing efficiency”, developing new products for structure optimization, strengthening the brand construction, innovating the marketing mechanism and expanding market, all these activities have supported Shagang ‘s production and management to keep the good development momentum. In 2015, Shagang produced 31.64 million tons of iron-making, 34.21million tons on steel making and 33.88 million tons of rolled products; with 205.8 billion RMB of sales income, 4.74 billion Yuan RMB of profit tax and 1.89 billion Yuan RMB of profits, the profits performance ranked in second place among the counterparts. Since entered the world top 500 for the first time in 2009, now is seven consecutive years among the list, ranked 274 in 2015.