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“Jin Zhu Price—5A grade building material in China”, an honorable title,been awarded to “Shagang Brand” rebar

Some days ago, the C20 cooperation summit of Chinese construction industry & the awarding ceremony of “Jin Zhu Prize” of 2018 was held in Longxi Weijing international conference center in Beijing. “Jin Zhu Prize—5A grade building material in China”, an honorable title, is been awarded to “Shagang Brand” rebar product which is been admired by the delegates of the construction and construction material businesses attending the summit and the ceremony.

Rebar is one of the main products of Shagang. Starting from 1988,  Shagang established its internal proprietary product standard which is based on the international ones and produces rebar using domestic leading equipment with guaranteed product quality. After continuous development and improvements, Shagang has become the biggest high quality rebar producer with the widest product range in domestic market. The “Shagang Brand” rebar is famous for its high strength, steady property and high resistant against vibration and shocking. Shagang is a constant holder of the tile of “national customer satisfactory product” and constantly one of the big 3 in market share. Rebar produced by Shagang is widely used in building skyscrapers, long span and vibration resistant building and structures, such as, Pudong international airport, buildings of Shanghai Expro, the Yangzi River bridge in Jiangying, maglev train system in Shanghai, Runyang bridge in Zhengjiang, etc, which are state key construction projects.

For many years, Shagang remain firms to its development philosophy “quality first; creditability prevail all others; facing the domestic market, aiming world wide”. Shagang consistently focusing on those what customer cares. Large amount of investment have been given in research and development every year to satisfy the needs of customers with better product.