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Employee commitment:

Be loyal to duty; be positive and united; be practical and innovative;Be devoted.


Be loyal to duty: Proud of the job; proficient in skill and dutiful to Shagang;

Be positive and united: The team matters; the benefit of all matters; to help each other and work as a team with passion;

Be practical and innovative: Be true and practical to the work; be brave in thinking, dare to try, and dare to be first;

Be devoted: The corporation’s needs matter; skill matters; be devoted to society while ignoring fame and gain.

Back ground:

This employee commitment was formed at the end of the 20th century. Before the 25th anniversary of the corporation, the management decided to dedicate itself to the following: “Be loyal to duty; be positive and united; be practical and innovative; and devoted”. The idea of this was to engage employee commitment and standardize behavior, motivate pride in achievement, and encourage employees to be innovative, promote those loyal to the job and highlight the target of making Shagang a large, strong and superior steel maker.