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A new year with hopes. A new year filled with dreams On the occasion of the arrival of the New Year 2018, on behalf of these over 30 thousands of staff, workers and team-mates, I have the honor to extend the New Year Greetings and whole hearted gratitude to the leaders at all  levels who have cared and supported Shagang’s construction and development, industry members, domestic and international customers, as well as people from all walks of social life!

In recent the years Shagang has been focused on implementing national development strategy on steel industry with our long-term targets of “To be a high quality product supplier and to be a long-living sustainable business”. Under the key words of transformation, innovation and upgrading, we take quality, efficiency and profitability of the business as the center of all operational activities, like: reducing costs and expenses, increasing profits via innovation and utilizing hidden potentials, enhancing our brand name, improving our technical level, introducing intelligent manufacturing means, adopting multi-elements development, exploring domestic and international markets. All production operations of the corporation run steady and the overall competitiveness of the business is increasing.. In the year of 2017, Shagang has achieved RMB220.0 billion of sales revenue, under which RMB25.4 billion of tax and profit and 19.274 billion of profit.  The profitability of the corporation stays at the leading position in the steel industry. For 9 consecutive years, Shagang has been awarded as one of the World’s Top 500, ranked at 365th in 2017.

2018 is the year of staring to implement the spirit of “The 19th CPC National Congress”, also is a crucial year for Shagang in conducting its “The 9th 5-year plan”. 2018 will be also the year for expanding additional business divisions, intensifying the strength of the corporation and upgrading the fundamental management level of all membership organizations of the corporation. The main idea is to put the fundamental management in the center and let it to cover all areas and all processes for achieving fine and accurate operation handling for all complete processes. The iron making sector will be the key point for profit management, steel making sector for product assortment and quality and rolling sector for fine & accurate management. The aim behind them is to achieve a new leap in quality, efficiency and profitability which will take other activities into a higher level, like safety management, energy saving and environment conservation, cost and expenses reduction, quality and profit improvement, etc. We are expecting that the main activities concerning the “4 modernizations” will achieve certain breakthrough which will contribute to firming the foundation for building the”Hundred Year Shagang”.

2018 is a year of challenge and opportunities filled with pressure and driving forces. Shagang is to study and implement seriously the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Under the guidance and correct leadership of Party committee, as well as governments of the various levels and with cares and supports of communities and people from all walks of social life, Shagang will tackle all kinds of difficulties, be committed in further innovation and development, to be persistence in targeting higher level for achieving better performance which can be our contribution to revitalize China’s national steel industry, and to achieve the “Chinese Dream” of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation!