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"Never feel contented is the nature of Shagang people; be ambitious all the time is our determination". Over 40 years the corporation has become big and strong because of our unremitting efforts. In recent years, particularly, the markets have become severe and complicated. But Shagang's workforce is ready to face the challenges. We are enterprising; we are pushing ourselves to make innovative transformation. We have managed to maintain steady growth and have been named to the Fortune 500 for seven consecutive years.

Continuous growth is achieved with the support of the authorities, various social groups and communities. The achievements are the result of the constructive contributions of all employees. No matter senior or young, they are the builders of the business. They constantly aim further and reach for ever higher targets. They are dedicated to serving the community and country.

This is a historical moment. In compliance with government policies we have defined our long-term development goals thus: to be a producer of premium products; become a long-term sustainable business. We have implemented three major strategies: to be stronger and more precise in our main business – steel; to be big and superior in modern logistics; to be strong and firm in our non-steel business. Innovation is the best choice as a new industrialization mode. We are going to upgrade our production technologies, optimize our product portfolio and our energy utilization efficiency. We will strengthen our core competitiveness and improve the position of the Shagang brand name in the markets. We are obligated to build a strong iron and steel industry for the nation; to make our contribution to the development of the economy; and contribute to creating a community in harmony.