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Shagang Group is not only one of Fortune Global 500 enterprises but also the biggest private steel enterprise in China. The group headquarter is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province. At present, Shagang possesses a total asset of more than 229.8 billion RMB and over 30000 employees working for it.

Shagang has been awarded with lots of premium titles, such as: “Meritorious Enterprise in 40 years of Reform and Opening up”, “National Customer-satisfied Enterprise”, “National AAA level enterprise for quality, service and good reputation”, “National creditable enterprise”, “National innovative enterprise”, “National demonstration corporation for environmental protection”, “National energy efficiency four-star enterprise”, “Advanced enterprise for clean production in national steel industry”, “China charity award enterprise”, “The China industry awards”, “Chinese steel A+ level enterprise for extremely strong competitiveness”, “Premium award of quality management in Jiangsu Province”, “Hi-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province”, “The demonstration corporation for building the recycling economy in Jiangsu Province”, “The demonstration corporation for integration of information technology with industrialization in Jiangsu Province”.

The main products of Shagang are heavy-wide plate, hot strip, cold strip, wire rod, coiled bar, ribbed bar and special bar quality steel, which have already formed over 150series, 14000 varieties and 6000 specifications. Among them hot strip has been certified by CE of EU, and ship-building plate has been approved by 10 classification societies, wire rod and ribbed bar have been awarded with National Golden Trophy Award with world-level advanced product qualityandNational Customer-Satisfied Products. The ribbed bar product has been certified by CARES,. In recent years, Shagangs products have been exported to East Asia, South Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, Africa and more than 90 countries and regions. The total exports have been ranking the first, national wide, for consecutive years. Shagang has been awarded with Quality award of export enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

Facing the opportunity when nation steadily promotes supply-side structural reform and spares no effort to resolve excessive capacity of steel and iron, and steel market situation turns good while maintaining stability, Shagang rely on the safety production, environment protection and technical reforming, like: reducing costs and expenses, increasing profits via innovation and utilizing hidden potentials, enhancing our brand name, improving our technical level, introducing intelligent manufacturing means, adopting multi-elements development, exploring domestic and international markets. All production operations of the corporation run steady and the overall competitiveness of the business is increasing. As a result, the production and operation of Shagang maintains a good development trend. In the year of 2018, the achieved production figures of the company are 31.83 million ton of iron, 40.66 million ton of steel, and 39.54 million ton of rolled products. The achieved revenue is 241.0 billion RMB, paid tax and gained profit is 33.0 billion RMB, which are both higher than last year.

Guided by the strategy that is tospecialize and strengthen steel business, expand and optimize modern logistics, do non-steel industry and do it well, all the Shagangs staff unite and strive, making competitive advantage and strength stronger and stronger. In 2018 Shagang ranks the 86th in top 500 enterprises of China, the 28th in top 500 enterprises of Chinese manufacturing industry, and has been among the Fortune Global 500 for 10 years consecutively.

Under the guidance of the spirit of Party’s 19th national congress, Shagang will continue to adhere to the overall tone of“being based on steel, adjusting structure, optimizing investment, developing multifariously”, firm the strategy of“specializing and strengthening steel business, expanding and optimizing modern logistics, doing non-steel industry and doing it well”, implement innovation-driven development, and speed up transformation and upgrading. 2019 is a crucial year for Shagang to overcoming the difficulties on quality improving, safety production and environment protection, fundamental comprehensive management, reforming and innovation breakthrough. Take all efforts to advancing the environment protection safety, production and business, branding, fundamental management, reforming and innovation, intelligent manufacturing, team quality, enterprise propaganda and Group management control etc., so as to push steady and efficient development of the company, build a century-old business, and make new and greater contributions for the construction of strong steel power.