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Mentality of the corporation:

Be united, hard working, conscientious and practical.


Be united: To operate the mill with wisdom, make a united effort and work as one to build a world class steel maker;

Be hard working: Be diligent in treating the company as a home, and work for accomplishment as an owner;

Be conscientious: To conduct production, management and project implementation activities with a rational attitude, quality and effectiveness count;

Be practical: To get the job done while telling the truth, to let performance shine while talking less.

Back ground

This corporation mentality was generated in the mid-1980s, after the plant was established in 1975, since when Shagang has endeavored to create an efficient and excellent management system. On August 24th, 1984, the “Implementation Regulation of the Performance Responsibility System” was approved by the employees’ assembly. This regulation had three main features: “Strict;” “Detailed” and “Practical”. Strict means the rules, procedures and disciplines shall be strictly followed; management performance seriously assessed; image of the company shall be properly maintained. Detailed means that each job specification shall be detailed; data shall be in detail; and performance breakdown must be in details.” Practical means all activities shall be performed based on the conditions of the company; make no senseless commitments; minimize showcasing; focus on effective results; and performance matters. Given these regulations, all employees are encouraged to work within the rules, to work as members of a team, and let results prove performance.

This corporation mentality to be “united, hard working, conscientious and practical” has become accepted common sense and the standard practice for Shagang employees. A report was published by China metallurgical news on July 10th, 1990, titled That is a Good System for Managing a Corporation, in which the performance responsibility system created by Shagang was praised and the three management system features were adopted in part by other domestic steel mills. In 1996, Shagang was awarded the “Outstanding Enterprise in China (Golden Horse Award)” award by the Association of Enterprise Management in China and the Association of Entrepreneurs.