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Spirit of the corporation:

Self-reliance; Fighting in arduous conditions; Dare to innovate; Continually achieve a higher level.


Self-reliance: Fully utilize subjective initiatives, willing to get the job done in an active way;

Fighting in arduous conditions: Prepared to work hard and fight for the target;

Dare to innovate: Thirsty to learn, eager to improve skills, innovative thinking;

Continually achieve higher levels: Actively move forward, keep challenging oneself, always aim for new targets.


The corporation’s spirit was developed from the mid-1980s to the end of the century. When the business was founded in 1975, Shagang started from the ground up with nothing, no technology, no equipment and no raw material. With the spirit of self-reliance, fighting under arduous conditions, using outdated processes and learning from skilled people, Shagang survived and eventually thrived. The first products were rolled using rejected crop ends from big state-owned companies. After a decade of struggle and growth, Shagang became a key producer of steel window frames in China.

This corporate spirit derives from the accumulation of experience and is the essential reason why a small farmer’s workshop has rapidly developed into a world class steel maker. Just as important now, is to turn this spirit into a driving force that encourages all of Shagang’s employees, becoming a company tradition that can be passed on for generations. Motivated by this spirit, all Shagang employees are dedicated to keeping the company moving forward in a fast and efficient way, never feel contented, and always strive to be better.

Mr. Qian Weichang visited Shagang. He described his impressions in the following inscription: “Self-reliance; undertaken in arduous conditions; starting from nothing to find wealth; from small to giant; farmers can also accomplish great business success. This is the importance of experience made in Zhangjiagang, for our people and country”. Shagang’s spirit has been noted with approbation by state-level leaders.