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Jiangsu Shagang Group Huaigang Special Steel Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Shagang Group Huaigang Special Steel Co., LTD is located in Huai’An, the hometown of the founding premier Zhou Enlai. As a special steel base of Shagang Group it’s founded in 1970. Today, the company has total assets of nearly 9.3 billion Yuan, and more than 5000 employees; after 48 years of development, its existing production lines are integrated, and equipped with finishing process in advanced level. Continuous casting round billet Φ 280 - Φ 800 mm, round rods Φ 12 - Φ 300 mm and flats 300 mm * 110 mm, 250 mm * 110 mm are all in the output list, with an annual output of 3.2 million tons of special steel and member of a modern conglomerate.

Automotive steel, machinery steel, energy steel, engineering machinery steel, rail steel, mining, marine anchor chain steel etc. are the main steel types; about 35% goes to auto industry, 32% for equipment manufacturing industry, 12% used in engineering machinery, 10% for the energy industry, the rest are used in mining, shipbuilding, rail transportation and other industries. Company is renowned home and abroad relies on the superior quality, advanced technology and good reputation.

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  • Address:Xi’an South Road No.188, Qingpu District, Huai’An City, Jiangsu Province
  • Zip Code:223002
  • Phone:0517-83036666 83036866 83631098
  • Fax:0517-83631344