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Zhangjiagang Hengchang New Type of Construction Materials Co., Ltd

Zhangjiagang Hengchang New Construction Materials Co., Ltd and Zhangjiagang Hengle New Construction Materials Co., Ltd are both holding subsidiaries. It can annually process 6 million tons of S95 slag powder from blast furnace, 3.20 million tons of steel slag, 150,000 tons of converter sludge ball, 300,000 tons of zinc-bearing dust. Products are used as metallurgy accessories. Besides, there are also slag powder, steel slag, tailings and other new construction materials sold in the market.

Contact Us

  • Address:Jingfeng County, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province
  • Postal Code:215625
  • Tel:0512- 58568988(slag powder) 58953052(other products)
  • Fax:0512-58953052