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Jiulong Steel Logistic Co., Ltd

Jiulong Steel Logistics Park is invested and built by both Shagang Group and China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) as a first-class in China and international leading steel logistic park. It is located in Zhangjiagang City; the purpose of the construction of the park is to build a green, convenient, intelligent, sincere modernized logistic park with mutual benefit. The park has been listed in the “Key Projects of 12th Five-year-plan of Jiangsu Province”, “Key Construction Projects of Logistic Development of Jiangsu Province”, “Key Logistics Park at Provincial Level”, and the construction was comprehensively launched and carried out in 2011.

Jiulong Steel Logistic Co., Ltd plans to invest 30 billion Yuan with an area of 5-6 square kilometers, and will be divided into 2 phases to build. As Insisting on the idea of development of “gathering advantages, improving services, creating value, leading the market”, closely centering on the strategic orientation of “developing large steel logistics and constructing a big steel supermarket”, Shagang bases in the east of China, faces the whole nation, integrates into international market and focuses on building “information center, transaction center, accounting center, price center, process center”, five centers of this steel logistics, while devoting itself to the construction of six supporting platforms including “warehousing and distribution, extended processing, e-commerce, boned logistics, financing assurance, comprehensive services” so as to radiate the domestic and international markets,. At the same time, Jiulong has been setting branches in the production and consumption clusters over the world. Through building international logistics system of “one center, one network”, Shagang could form modern iron and steel industry business clusters with annual operating revenue over 250 billion Yuan after 5-10 years of development.

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  • Address:No.1, Jinxiu Road, Jingfeng Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province
  • Postal Code:215625
  • Tel:0512-58953599
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