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Zhangjiagang Shagang Group Rural Microfinance Co. Ltd

Zhangjiagang Shagang Group Rural Microfinance Co., Ltd was permitted by Financial Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial Government and was invested and built by Shagang Group and many other enterprises, natural persons as a professional microfinance institution with 360 million Yuan of registered capital. It is located in Jingfeng Town, Zhangjiagang City.

According to relevant spirit of provisions about rural microfinance companies given by Jiangsu provincial government, this company acts locally and provides fast, convenient, all-round, high-qualified loan service for small or mid-sized enterprises and personals to support the construction of agriculture, rural areas and farmers as well as help to develop small or mid-sized enterprises.

There are many different ways for company loan, such as pledging, mortgaging, guaranteed loan, credit and so on. Loan types decide their loan rates flexibly through taking the benchmark interest rate of People’s Bank of China as the basis, combining with Zhangjiagang local loan rate level and different customers’ risk situation, capital situation, loan period, guarantees, or credit situation. There are various ways of repayment. The loan procedures are simple and release time is quick.

Contact Us

  • Address:No.6 Building, West of Yongxin Road, Jingfeng Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province
  • Postal Code:215625
  • Tel:0512-58953019/58953021
  • Fax:0512-58953999