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Xu Delong, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering came to Shagang for survey and studies

Morning of January 12, Mr. Xu Delong led the research team of “Green manufacturing development strategy research” and accompanied by the government leaders to Shagang for the special survey on the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry with circular economy development. Shagang top directors welcome them and attend the symposium.

Be accompanied by Mr. Shi Yixin, the delegation visited the Jiangsu Province (Shagang) Institute of Research of Iron & Steel (IRIS), milling workshop, thermal power plant etc.. They highly appreciated Shagang's performance and achievements on the resource integrated utilization and energy conservation etc..

On the symposium, Mr. Gong Sheng shortly introduced the delegation about profile of Shagang's development and construction. He said that Shagang’s advantages are on equipments configuration, product variety and quality, technical research and development, index and parameter competitiveness, favorable geographic location etc., also we uphold the principle of “diversified development based on own metal work” in line with the three strategies of “to be stronger and more precise in our main business – steel; to be big and superior in modern logistics; to be strong and firm in our non-steel business”. Implement the innovation and accelerate the transformation and upgrading for improving the enterprise comprehensive competitiveness. Gong emphasized that the energy conservation and circular utilization are the "full brothers", there are still a lot of difficulties to be overcome in front of Shagang, please the specialists and academicians assistant us to make further exploration and research on high efficiency utilization of available resources.

Mr. Xu Delong expressed his highly appreciation on Shagang's performance. He said Shagang is the worthy learning model on technical innovation, structural transformation, management philosophy and resource utilization etc., we will include these achievement and experience into the research topic, then promote to the other manufacturing industries for reference and leading to the green development nationwide. He also said government gives considerable support on policies to develop green manufacturing industries, the enterprise should strength self-building, homogenize raw material and stabilize processes, combine the green development of enterprises with city heat supply in line with the full use of the energy and resources.