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Brand Value of Shagang -4 Billion

Recently, we have heard from China Council for the Promotion of Brand Building, the enterprise strength of Shagang Group was 900.3 with the brand value of 4 billion RMB Yuan.

2015 Chinese brand value evaluation was organized by China Council for the Promotion of Brand Building, China Central Television (CCTV), China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and other units jointly. The results were released to the world by CCTV and published online of National Brand Net on December 12. 2015 Chinese brand value evaluation covered the objects from the three main industries, and the evaluation types have expanded from enterprise brand to product brand, regional brand and independent innovation brand. The evaluation was performed on the basis of 21 national standards and adopted multiple periodic excess earnings method to get the final brand value.

This time totally 10 metal enterprises participated in the evaluation activities with the brand value of 2.056 billion RMB Yuan on average, the top one was 4.499 billion RMB Yuan. Shagang group ranked on the second place among the iron and steel enterprises for brand value 4 billion RMB Yuan.

Since 2015, in the face of the steel market demand remains weak, steel prices continue to fall, the overall losses of the serious situation of iron and steel industry, while the production and management of Shagang Group still kept in good developing momentum owed to our insistence on strengthening the steel business, accelerating the structure improvement, transformation and upgrading. In 2015, Shagang produced 31.64 million tons of iron-making, 34.21million tons on steel making and 33.88 million tons of rolled products; with 205.8 billion RMB of sales income, 4.74 billion Yuan RMB of profit tax and 1.89 billion Yuan RMB of profits, the profits performance ranked in second place among the counterparts. Since entered the world top 500 for the first time in 2009, now is seven consecutive years among the list, ranked 274 in 2015