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"2015 China 50 Top Brands and Great Entrepreneurs" has been announced with Chairman Shen Wenrong on the list

Grand award ceremony of “2015 Brand Annual Innovative Forum, China 50 Top Brands and Great Entrepreneurs” was held in Clark Hot Spring Resort, Philippines. The results were announced with Chairman Shen Wenrong on the list. This event was jointly organized and sponsored by Asia Brand Association, International Business Daily of Ministry of Commerce, NDRC China Economic & Trade Herald and China Economic Information Magazine.

The assessment and evaluation were presided by Asia Brand Institute; the nominated enterprises should have a clear system of self-owned brand planning and professional R&D team, their brands have a certain influence in the industry or in a scope of region, made profits in the latest three consecutive years, proper ration of assets and liabilities and sound management structure, also have got remarkable achievements on energy conservation & emission reduction, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Along with the rapid development of economic globalization, China's local brands have made significant progress during the competition against the international brands. In order to improve the construction level of brand, the transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises, realize and make them stronger and better to be the world first-class brand with international competitiveness; the sponsoring organizations will edit and publish the series of books as “The Top 50 Chinese Great Entrepreneurs”,“China’s Top 50 Brands”and so on, aim to summarize and analyze the achievements, experiences and lessons during the progresses of internationalization of China's domestic brands, so as to make macro guidance on the competitiveness improvement. Through the maximum excavated the success of the brand internationalization concept for promoting the typical models.