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Mr. Wang Jiong, the Minister of Organization Department of Provincial Committee, came to Shagang for survey and studies

On 4th MarchMr. Wang Jiong led his team to Shagang for the survey and studies; they were accompanied by the Suzhou and Zhangjiagang government leadership. Chairman Shen, President Gong Sheng and Group Party Committee secretary Shen Bin with other Shagang directors warm received the mission.

In IRIS (Jiangsu Province (Shagang) Institute of Research of Iron & Steel), Wang Jiong has listened attentively to the statements on the talent introduction, advanced process, technology and product development & research etc. under the powerful background support from Shagang. They also made spot investigation to the Physical and Chemical Test Center which stands in the advanced international level. Wang Jiong highly appraised the positive achievements of Shagang’s activities on technology guidance and innovation since he realized that all the facilities and equipments in the IRIS reached the international advanced level with highly analysis accuracy, testing and steel structure & properties demonstration, also effectively promoted the enterprise new product development and improved the efficiency of the quality. He said it’s very essential and success for Shagang to found IRIS of such a self-motivated innovative platform, Shagang would create more achievements on science & technology innovative talent assembly and product structure optimization & upgrading.

1420mm cold-rolled production lines are the key projects of Shagang’s transformation and upgrading program, the mission visited the silicon steel annealing production line. On site, Wang Jiong and the mission were Introduced the details about production capacity, process equipments, product specification and quality etc., saw and checked the surface quality and thickness of the rolled-off coil. Wang Jiong expressed that Shagang’s product structure, industry transformation and upgrading were go-ahead in province, he hoped Shagang would further specialize and strengthen the steel industry, develop the high-end product and import-substitute steels, so that can make a bigger contribution in economic development of Jiangsu Province.