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Jiangsu Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2nd September, 2002, in the same year, it was approved as Import and Export Enterprises of the People’s Republic of China by national ministry of foreign trade and economic department. This company is engaged in import and export trade about steel products, staple auxiliary materials (iron ore, coke, and steel scrap), metallurgical equipments and spare parts and so on. It is one of the member companies of Shagang Group---the largest private steelmaking enterprise.

Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd has excellent location advantage, connected with Shanghai on the east, with Suzhou on the south, with Wuxi on the west and along aside Yangtze River that give it 10 kilometers of deep river line of Yangtze River and expressways extending in all directions. The annual handling capacity of wharf—Haili wharf, owned by Shagang Group is 120 million tons. Based on its quick response to the decision, standardized management control, innovative operating mode, import and export trades of the company, it has involved more than 50 countries and regions. So far, Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd has 80 imported materials manufacturers and traders, more than 500 export products users and traders, has cooperated with more than 10 cooperating mining companies. Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd boasts itself as “doing business all over the world while making friends all over the world”, which provides assurance for the constant and stable development of enterprises. In 2015, the sales income reached 36.934 billion RMB,  tax 160 million RMB, total volume of foreign trade 4.769 billion dollars, raw material trade volume 50.0867 million tons, steel products exported volume 4.7317 million tons, and has ranked the first for the amount of steel exports as a single enterprise over the country for four consecutive years. Since 2011, Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd has ranked second in the top 500 China’s private foreign trade enterprises for constant 3 years and been chosen as “Brand-name Company in Service Industry of Jiangsu Province”, “Top 100 Enterprises in Service Industry”, “Grade AA Enterprise Evaluated by Customs”, “Grade AA Enterprise for Inspection and Quarantine”, “Excellent Private Enterprises”, “Brand-name Enterprise of Service Industry”, “Qualified Enterprise of Export” and other reputations.

Facing with new situation of domestic and foreign economy, Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd will further cultivate more competitive chains of trade industry, quicken the pace of foreign trade, realize the scientific development, create development theory and strive to be the new growth point of economic profit of Shagang Group.

Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd warmly welcomes friends from all over the world and offer new platform for cooperation and mutual benefits with sincere attitudes, enthusiastic service.

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