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Shagang Ranks the sixth among the world metallurgical enterprises

Recently, World Steel Association released the World Steel Statistics of 2016, according to the data, Shagang ranked the 6th relied on the crude steel output of 34.938 million tons in 2015.

In 2015, Shagang firmly followed the faith of Developing to overcome those unprecedented challenges and difficulties, insisted to implement the development strategy of “Innovation, Transformation and Upgrading”; concentrated the efforts on the self-energy increasing and core competitive power enhancement; fully realized the integrated advantages of processes, equipments, technological talent, varieties, quality, enterprise brand and logistics to occupy and fight in the market; meanwhile carried out cost-reduction and expense-saving in-depth, and innovative activities on effect improving, the whole enterprise achieved sound development. Our full year operating income reached 205.8 billion yuan, profits of 1.897 billion yuan, ranking second place among the industry. Indexes of per capita steel consumption, per capita profits tax were both standing in domestic top list.

It is understood that the 2016 world steel statistics included the adoption of crude steel production, steel apparent consumption (apparent consumption), global trade in steel and iron ore production & trade and a series of data, a comprehensive analysis of the operation to the iron and steel industry. Ranking from the output of iron and steel enterprise, ArcelorMittal, Hegang Steel Group and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal were the top three, Baosteel, Shagang Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, Shougang Group, these 5 Chinese companies were all listed in the top 10; Ranking from the country (region) of apparent steel consumption per capita, Korea listed in the first place with 1113.6 kg and China mainland ranked the fifth with 488.6 kg.