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Shagang has been listed in world top 500 continually for eight years
No.314 in 2016

On July 20, Fortune Magazine (USA) released the 2016 world top 500 most recent list.110 Chinese enterprises ranked in; Once again Shagang group has been listed as one of them continually for eight years depending on its 2015 annual revenues of US $ 32.7514 billion, we ranking No.314 this time.

Since listed in world's top 500 from 2009 for the first time, Shagang group has set up a philosophy of “Ranking into the world's top 500 is not an end but a new beginning", therefore we concentrates the efforts on science and technologies, deepening innovation, accelerating the transformation and upgrade, enhancing competitiveness, so that promotes the enterprise has always been among the “First Phalanx” in world's steel.

Since 2015, the macroeconomic growth slowdown becomes new normal, meanwhile, serious excess of steel production capacity, weakness market demand, declined price and high-cost on enterprise management coursed the “Hard Winter” to the whole industry. Rely on the statistics from China Steel Industry Association, the loss of all its member enterprises reached 64.5 billion RMB, nearly 51% of them were in the loss situation, the main business annual cumulative losses over 100 billion RMB, with year-on-year increase of 24 times.

In order to conquer the unprecedented severe challenges and testing, the Directors from the Board led all staff to implement the policy on developing, efficiency and benefit, we strengthening the market trend analysis research, timely adjusting production business strategy, fully utilization of enterprise researching platform, advanced equipments, varieties & quality, enterprise brand and logistics advantage; accelerating the products structure adjustments, enhancing the comparison to the standard regulation, actively carrying out the systemic cost reduction and inner power improving. The group production business continues to keep in efficient situation with total finished 31.63 million tons of iron-making, 34.21 million tons of steelmaking, 33.88 million tons of rolled product and high quality steel products export of 6.88 million tons; complete the operating income of 205.8 billion yuan, profits of 4.74 billion yuan for the year, profit of 1.897 billion yuan. Per capita steel production and per capita profits tax were standing in the top list against to other competitors, realized the profits ranked in second place, Shagang has produced a beautiful answer in the new normal consequently.

It is understood that the Fortune 500 ranking of the world has always been a measure of large companies in the world's most famous and most authoritative lists, it was known as the "Ultimate List" published by Fortune magazine once a year.This year, the world's top 500 finalists threshold for 20.92 billion dollars, decreased 11.8% than last year's $ 23.72 billion,. Revenue of the last one in 2015 can rank No. 449 this time .Total revenue of these top 500 companies reached $ 27.6 trillion and net profit of $ 1.48 trillion, decreased 11.5% and 11.3% respectively.