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Volume production of high strength auto sheet --HC340LA in Shagang

Recently, the grade HC340LA of automobile steel plate was put into volume production in Shagang Cold Rolling Plant, this performance helps to rich the catalogues of cold rolled family fatherly and improves the enterprise’s competitiveness in market as well as the symbol of Shagang’s technique advanced level in the high strength auto steel plate.

HC340LA auto steel plate is a kind of high strength low alloyed cold-rolled steel, with high yield strength and not easy to deformation, good performance of welding and fine formability both in cold and hot treatment process. It's widely applied in fabricating the load-bearing body in a well auto, mainly about components and parts on auto sheets, such as girder, crossbeam, bumper and internal reinforcement, so it has wide market application prospect.

June of this year, the initial trial testing was instructed under the Chief Engineer Department and IRIS, by optimizing the hot coil thickness, lighting the emulsion density, optimizing the reduction ratio distribution and temperature in the annealer and heating furnace to guarantee the rolling sequence, thickness, surface quality and mechanical property .

This time, 5400 tons of auto sheets were produced for this order, it can bring more benefits to produce this annealing coil. Next stage, we will cooperate with research experts’ team to strengthen the support on the auto sheet development, attracting more customers and orders, improving the overall efficiency.