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The 2017 top 500 of most valuable brand-names in China publicized
Shagang ranks No.138 with value of 29.291 billion RMB

Not long ago, convened by the world brand name laboratory, the 14th session of “World brand names conference” was held in Beijing, on which the analysis report of “Top 500 most valuable brand names 2017” was published. This report is made based on the financial data, strength of the brand name and customer behavior. Shagang ranks No.138 with brand name value of 29.291 billion RMB, 3 positions higher than the year of 2016 in ranking and almost 6 billion RMB more valuable than the figure of 23.759 billion RMB in 2016.

In recent years Shagang has been consistently working on the brand name strategy of “To be famous brand name in China with premium product in the world”. Shagang has given great effort in building the brand name of “Shagang” and strengthening the core competitiveness of the organization, via independent innovation in combination with technical improvement; portfolio restructuring with upgraded products; and great attention has been given into the public services. With the growing performance of the organization in all aspects, Shagang has been listed in the top 500 businesses for 8 consecutive years and the internal value of the brand name “Shagang” has been consistently increased. Shagang has been listed in “top 500 most valuable brand names in China” for many consecutive years.  Some days ago, Shagang was honoured with title of “Top 10 outstanding steel businesses in China” by the first session of ranking campaign of brand names of Chinese steel businesses, organized by China Metallurgical News.