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Mr.Xu Xiao, secretary of the secretary division of the central committee of the CCYL visited Shagang in a survey trip

On the afternoon of 3rd, August, Mr. Xu Xiao, secretary of the secretary division of the central committee of the CCYL(Chinese Communist Youth League), escorted by the Mr. Wang Wei, secretary of the committee of CCYL Jiangsu Province, and Mr. Lu Defeng, standing member of the party committee of Zhangjiagang City and director of the division for organization affairs, and other leaders of local administration, made a survey visit to Shagang which was welcomed by Mr. Shen Bin, executive board member of Shagang Group, party secretary of the Group, president of the Shagang Ltd. and Mr. Chen Xiaodong, the executive board member of Shagang Group, vice president, vice standing secretary of the party committee of the Group and other leaders of the company.

During the informal discussion, Mr. Shen Bin made a brief presentation on the production and business status and explained the general plan of the future development of the company to the upper level visitors. He said that steel is and remain the main business of Shagang’s future; we will stick with it and make ourselves finer and stronger; we are going to build “5 platforms” and conduct reform action on“ one system” to upgrade our competitiveness within the industry.The activities involved will be: (a) centered with the product upgrading campaign, we are going to put more effort in building a technical research platform for optimizing resource allocation and continual increase of the innovative capability of organization; (b) to build an active and strong coordination platform with strategic suppliers for a more tight connection with the upstream and downstream industry; (C) centered around the targets of made in China 2025 and the Industry 4.0, we are going to build a strong platform of state of the art manufacturing, represented by intelligent plant, to increase the level of smart and intelligent production; (d) to build a strong platform of trading and logistic service to form a “one body with two wings” business model, taken the steel as main body accompanied by trading and logistic service; (e) centered with the main steel  business, we are going to build a strong capital operation platform to improve our profitability. (f) we will perform a deep reform in employee compensation and benefit system to incite the activeness of the teammates and energize the vitality of the organization.

As been informed as above mentioned, Mr.Xu praised the miraculous achievements of Shagang and acknowledged the effort made by Shagang in constructing a strong organization of CCYL within the company. He said, the main job the CCYL in a enterprise is to serve the corporation, serve the young people and the community; for the next steps, the key points of work in constructing a strong CCYL within the company is to perform guiding in ideological work, integrated with the industrial policy of the country, to foster awareness of market competition and the common understanding in sharing the destiny with the enterprise under the young employees. The core part is to increase the level of technical skills of the teammates, to increase the core competitiveness of the enterprise, he said. He also expressed the idea that it is not to forget that management shall be people centered; various re-creative, social interactive activities shall be arranged to bring physical and mental benefits to the employees, to stimulate the activeness and energy of the teammates, to strengthen the agglomerating and centripetal force of the organization for a higher production efficiency and profitability.