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Top 500 list of domestic private businesses 2017 published Shagang ranks No.14

On the News release conference of Top 500 private Chinese business 2017, held on 24th,August, Mr.Xu Lejiang, vice minister of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, the party secretary of the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the standing vice chairman of that organization, promulgated the top 500 list of private businesses in China in 2017, the top 500 list of private manufacturing businesses in China and the top 100 of private service businesses in China. Shagang Group ranks No.14 on the top 500 list of private businesses in 2017 with the revenue of 198.3 billion RMB.

Taken “To implement the new development idea and accelerate the transfer of old driving force to new one” as main subject, this newsrelease conference is to strengthen the development confidence of the private businesses, to share the successful experiences and lead the developing trend of innovation. The list is made mainly based on the annual sales (turnover) of the business and the net assets, taxes paid, net profit and other information are taken into account.

As been informed, in the last year the Chinese private businesseshave accelerated their steps for getting into top 500 of the world. In 2017, there are 16 Chinese private businesses listed in the top 500, 4 more than the year before. The threshold level, 12.052 billion RMB, for getting qualified into the top 500 domestic private businesses has been lifted in big amount, which is 1.877 billion RMB higher than the year before. There a batch of fast growing extra large enterprises in last year. There are 6 businesses, forming the first tier of Chinese private businesses, have achieved a turnover of over 300 billion RMB in the past year.

In the “Survey and analysis report about top 500 Chinese private business in 2017”, published by the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, it shows the trend of industrial adjustment, represented by the 10 leading segments where the top 500 private businesses are engaged in. Businesses in the service sector listed in the top 500 have been increased for 5 consecutive years, staring from 117 in 2012 to 154 in 2016. “That is a 31.62% increase, which is reflecting the adjustment trend of the top 500 private businesses from traditional industry to the new emerging industries,” said Mr. Huang Rong, the vice chairman of the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce.