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2017 symposium for representatives of Shagang employees and their children who got excellent performance in college entrance examination

On the afternoon of 22th August, 2017 representatives symposium for Shagang employees and their children who had excellent performance in college entrance examination was held in Shagang Hotel, Shen Bin, the party secretary of Shagang Group, executive director of the board of directors, and chairman of the limited company congratulated these 39 employees’ children on their great achievements in the college entrance examination this year and awarded them scholarship and gifts. Chen Xiaodong, the executive director of the board of directors, and deputy party secretary of company also attended on this symposium and read out the 2017 name list of Shagang excellent employees’ children in college entrance examination and reward decision. Lei Xuemin, vice general manager of company hosted the symposium.

“While Shgang is continuously developing and becoming stronger, Shgang is always creating various favorable conditions to solve employees’ practical problems, has never forgotten employees’ children, and provide various rewards and good conditions for our study and growth”, in the symposium, outstanding student, Bai Xueke, the matriculated by Economics major of Sichuan University stood for all the students to express their thanks for Shagang’s concern and care over the years, she said, when she got in university, they will study hard and make effort for higher and further goal to return parents, Shagang, and society, meanwhile, they will take advantages of opportunities outside to publicize Zhang Jiagang and Shagang well. Ding Yiheng, matriculated by Dalian University of Technology expressed that the shagang spirit of “ self-reliance, fighting in arduous condition, dare to innovate, continuous approaching higher level” stimulated Shagang people to love the company and love their stations, work hard, pursuit for excellence, and this spirit is what they need, they will take the university life as a new start, study hard and grow independently to return company and society.

Lai Jiafu from Heavy plate mill No.2 of division of hot-rolled flat products and Xu Ya from cold-rolled mill office as the representatives of parents made a statement, they thanked the company to hold this symposium for excellent employees’ children, thanks company leaders for their concern to employees and their care for employees’ children, thanks for enabling their children to go into the working unit of their parents and increasing the understanding between two generations, they encouraged their children to have the determination of “ children leave home with a great ambition, make an oath that without success and achievement never return”, promote knowledge, enrich their experience in university, and return to parents and company with excellent grades, wished these young people can face with difficulties positively, and move forward bravely.

Before the start of the symposium, these excellent employees’ children had visited Shagang model hall, 9# Haili Dock, 5800 m3 blast furnace and heavy plant mill, closely understood the process of Shagang’s development and enhanced their pride as the Shagang employees’ children.

Over the years, Shagang insisted on developing activities of next generation, enhanced, cared and supported the education of employees’ children, banded with schools around Jinfeng town to carry out daily extension class after school hours, summer fun courses for employees’ children. This kind of activity strengthens the sense of responsibility of company and the inheritance of splendid culture, makes employees feel warm and cares from the big family of enterprise, motivate the work passion, honor and devote themselves into their work, more important is to encourage these young people to cherish this hard-earned opportunities to study with appreciation and then serve enterprises and society.