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Fun courses in summer vacation for kids of Shagang employees arranged by the trade union

Fun courses in summer vacation for kids of Shagang employees arranged by the trade union ended on 21st, August. The last part of the courses is titled with “Have a look at the plant and write about your impression”. “Listening to the presentation, looking at the pictures, knowing the history of Shagang, seeing the huge plant, watching the people working around the machines, so many things we have learnt in this short time, ”said li Hao, a child of a Shagang employee, “I really have to thank my dad for his hard working and feeding me up. I have to learn hard and reward my dad in the future. ”

The summer/winter vacation is always good time for the kids who do not need to go to school any more, but also hard time for the parents because of stewardship problems. To tackle the issue, the trade union of Shagang arranged a series of fun courses, titled with “Grown up with Shagang, taking the plant as home”, for minimizing the harassment of the employees, showing the“people centered”philosophy of the business, encouraging the employees to make best performance and take the plant as home.  

The fun courses took place in the staff’s club, starting from 4th to 20th, August, consists of various basic training courses, like: painting, music instrument, penmanship, photograph, etc. There are 165 kids from families of Shagang employees of various departments/divisions/plants participated in the courses. The trade union invited professional instructors from the culture organizations of the city, teachers from schools of the community and employees of the company with related special talents to accompany those kids.  

“We organized a special campaign, with the title of (have a look at the plant and write your impressions), to let the kids to know something about Shagang, about the job their parents are doing, to appreciate the efforts made by their parents and the learning and living environment which is not easy to accomplish, to intensify the pride of being living in the steel city and being a kid of steel maker. And the best articles are rewarded”, said a staff member of Shagang trade union.  

These fun courses for the kids were highly welcomed and appreciated by the employees. “I like paining very much. But this is first time that I learnt how to sketch, I have learnt some basic skills in sketching, and the teacher was excellent,”said Du Yinyin excited, a kid whose parents are both Shagang employees. She felt very fruitful in this summer vacation because of making new friends and learning extra skill outside school. Mr. Li Baozhou, an employee of Shagang said, his daughter who never had any knowledge in paining will be in the 4th grade of primary school in next semester. Been informed about the fun courses for the kids, he sent her to the painting course and gained extra knowledge and fun.