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Top 500 of Chinese enterprises 2017 published Shagang ranks No.84

“The Summit forum of Top 500 Chinese enterprises 2017” was held on September 10th, in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, sponsored by the Confederation of Chinese enterprises and the Association of Chinese enterprisers. The top 500 2017 of Chinese enterprises was promulgated. Shagang Group ranks No.84 on the top 500 list with the sales revenue of 198.385 billion RMB. At same time, Shagang ranks No.31 in the top 500 of Chinese manufacturing businesses.

As been informed, in 2016, the top 500 Chinese enterprises have achieved annual sales revenue of 64 trillion RMB, an increase of 7.64% higher than the year before. Under the top 500, there are 105 businesses (115 enterprises, when enterprises in Hong Kong and Taiwan are included) have been listed in top 500 in the world with net profit of 2.83 trillion RMB, which is 3.18% higher than the year before. The threshold level, 28.311 billion RMB, for getting qualified into the top 500 is a historical high, which is 3.965 billion RMB higher than the year before, an increase of 14%. There a batch of fast growing extra large enterprises in last year. There are 157 businesses which have achieved a turnover of over 100 billion RMB in the past year, 5 more enterprises than the year before.