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AEO certificate issued to Shagang International Trade Ltd.

The Customs of Nanjing issued the AEO advanced certificate to Shagang International Trade Ltd. on Sept.21st. With this certificate Shagang is been approved by the Customs to become an AEO business from an AA one, which is a special sign of “most creditable business” in the international trading, and Shagang can be benefitted by more preferential policies of the customs in China, as well as more convenient customs declaration condition.

As been informed, AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) is a certification system, promoted by the international customs organizations, which is to provide practical convenience and preferential policy to the approved businesses with high creditability, good behavior in conduct and high level of security.  

The AEO advance certificate is the highest administration level of customs credited to an enterprise for its highest creditability. The Shagang international trade Ltd. has been studying necessary procedures of the AEO approval for 1 year. Task forces have been organized in the Shagang Group level, as well as in the trading department level which are to set and align the internal working procedure in conformance with the rules and regulations set by the customs AEO approval process. Regular meetings were held, rules and standards were studied by all staff members, updated regulations were implemented immediately, any inconformity was found out and corrected. As result, the Shagang international trade Ltd. has improved its self in security of premises, management systems and development of information system and 99 scores were given during the approval process.

The AEO approved business may be benefitted by preferential treatment provided by the custom houses national wide and the prioritized in declaration and release process, as well as dedicated partnership service by the coordinator of customs. The AEO certificate can be seen as a VIP card to be used in a fast track of handling import and export cargo in relevant nations and territories. This certificate will help Shagang international trade co. in expanding businesses and increasing competitiveness in the world marked.

“During the approval process we do find our shortcomings compared with the international standard. It can help us to improve our management,” said Mr. Shen Bin, president of Shagang Group Ltd, party secretary of Shagang Group and standing executive member of the board. He promises that Shagang is to follow the standard set by the AEO approval process, make our job properly, fulfill our obligations and conduct strictly in conformance with the various rules and regulations set by the customs.