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Let singing bring positive energy
Liu Dacheng was employed as Cultural Ambassador of Shagang

On 8th October, Shagang and Shengshixingguang held the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement, the 2010 CCTV Star Avenue annual championship, Mr. Liu Dacheng was employed as Cultural Ambassador of Shagang Group. Mr. Chen Xiaodong (the executive director of thr board of directors, vice president and deputy party secretary of the party committee) issued him the certificate.

In order to promote Shagang spirit and glorious tradition of “Self-reliance; Fighting in arduous condition; Dare to innovate; Continuous approaching higher level”, better inherit the corporate culture; motivate the staff work in due diligence, innovation and dedication, so that Shagang specially invited Mr. Liu Dacheng roles as the Cultural Ambassador. Liu Dacheng comes from the grassroots, he become the well-known singer from civilian relies on his constant efforts and persistence; his growing trajectory has so many similarities as Shagang, who developed from a self-reliance small rolling shop to World’s Top 500. Chen Xiaodong expressed that he hope convey a kind of positive and upward spiritual strength for China’s private metallurgical enterprises from this positive singer and his songs, motivate everyone to work hard for China’s steel industry. Liu Dacheng also expressed he would actively bear responsibility of Shagang’s enterprise cultural communication and contribute to the cultural inheritance.

This year marks the 42nd anniversary of Shagang, a celebrating cultural show named “To make steel , to build a dream” was held, Liu Dacheng as the Shagang Cultural Ambassador presented a wonderful performance to the staff and received a warm welcome from field audience, everyone enjoyed the memorable night.