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New achievement in building the enterprise culture of Shagang
The movie “Steel is made in this way” was awarded with prime works prize in the ”Five One Project ”in Jiangsu Province

The movie “Steel is made in this way”, based on the legendary real story of the history of Shagang, from startup to nowadays, was awarded with prime works prize on Nov.20th, on tenth session of the praise ceremony for the  “Five One Project” of building spiritual civilization in Jiangsu Province.

The movie “Steel is made in this way”, a fine movie works, elaborated based on the real development history of Shagang. It is about a journey how a private steel enterprise becomes a member of top 500 in the world, started with self-financed 450,000 RMB at the side of Yangtze River, self sufficiently started up, struggled growing up in tough times, took every opportunities in the reform-opening era, being innovative and fearless in achieving higher and greater success. It is a legendary story of a business from weak and tiny workshop to a strong steel giant. It demonstrates the great entrepreneurship of those outstanding private businesses in the reform and opening epoch, shows the innovative willing, selfless and fearless spirit of the entrepreneurs in startup and growing up period with the passion of making steel for the nation and the community.

To make that movie is a major project of Shagang in building enterprise culture, which was started in July, 2014 and the shooting and refining was completed in Sep. 2015. The premiere took place on Oct. 24th, in the Great Hall of the People. It was been listed as one of the key movies under the theme of “Chinese Dream” by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of CPC and the State General Administration of Press, Publication, radio, film and television. By showing the way of success of an enterprise, the movie is to promote the glorious revolutionary tradition of self sufficient, hard working, keep exploring while facing obstacles. It shows the audience in an extensive way how the national steel industry had been developed in the hard and tough years, initiates the sense of national pride and mission for the up-rising of the country, and transfers strong positive energy for realizing the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation. “This is a movie full of positive energy, demonstrating how the national steel industry is pursuing the Chinese Dream.”, said Mr. Zhang Hongsheng, the director of the state administration bureau of film, with high admiration to the film.

As been informed, this time the evaluation and selection of best works of the “Five One Project” is very challenging and competitive because of the high variety and quality of presented works. The movie “Steel is made in this way” stands out because of the prime and solid script, fine and accurate acting, as well as the main character’s inspiring personality of never give-up, which deeply touched and won the hearts the audience. The local dialect opera Xiju “3+3”, presented by the Xiju art creation center of the Zhangjiagang City also won the prime works reward of the “Five One Project” in Jiangsu Province.