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Hand in Hand Shagang and CREC joint force Boosting the urban construction in Zhangjiagang City
The China Railway Group Limited (CREC) signed separate strategic cooperation agreements with the city government of Zhangjiagang and Shagang Group

On the afternoon,13th March, The China Railway Group Limited (CREC) signed strategic cooperation agreements segarately with the city government of Zhangjiagang and Shagang Group respectively, which symbolized the new step forward for the actual cooperation between the CREC and Zhangjiagang City. It will be a brand new journey for the common benefits and interest, as well as common wins for the development. Mr.Guo Fenzhi, director of business development department of CREC, and Mr. Zhao Jianming, Vice mayor of Zhang Jiagang City signed the strategic cooperation agreement between CREC and Zhangjiagang City. Mr. Wang Yongzhou, vice general manager of Material Trading Group Limited of CREC, and Mr. Shi Yixin, general manager of Shagang Group Ltd, signed the strategic cooperation agreement between the Material Trading Group of CREC and Shagang Group.

Mr. Liu Hui, vice president of CREC, Mr.Huang Ji, mayor and vise party secretary of the City Zhangjiagang, Mr. Shen Bin, party secretary of Shagang Group, standing executive director of the board, president of Shagang Group Ltd, took part in the signing ceremony.

Mr. Huang Ji made a speech at the ceremony. He stated that the Zhangjiagang City is a emerging industrial city with modern harbor, located within the one hour traffic radius of those core cities of the Yangtze river Delta. Its highway and arterial road network is in the leading position national wide. Taking the important opportunity created by the era of high-speed rail-train and building Yangtze cluster cities, the local government is giving their full impetus in building the infrastructure of the city with international and forward looking vision, improving the overall competitiveness of the city and pursuing a high quality development approach. On behalf of the party committee of the city and the local government, Mr.Huang welcomes the involvement of CREC in the construction of the infrastructure of Zhangjiagang, coming along with their modern and advanced philosophy and professional expertise and he hopes to see the actual cooperation results very soon. He is also hoping that Shagang shall take this opportunity seriously for promoting high quality product of Shagang and conductiong the idea of common creation for common gain. This cooperation event shall build a solid foundation for the further and wider cooperation between CREC and enterprises in Zhangjiagang.        

Mr. Liu Hui also made a speech, in which he said that the China Railway Group Limited is a multi-functional extra large group enterprise with a business portfolio covering construction of infrastructure; project exploration, engineering and consultation; construction equipment and machine parts manufacturing; estate development; investment and operation in railway and highway business; material trading and so on. CREC is also the biggest multi-functional and comprehensive construction contractor in China and in Asia, which has a superior position in its brand name, technical expertise and management. And Because of those advantages cooperation with local governments is easy and attractive. Up to now CREC has been involved in various construction projects in Zhangjiagang, like: the Yangtze Metallurgical Industrial Park, Hu-Tong railway, etc. A well running cooperation relationship with the government of Zhangjiagang City is been established and the cooperation activities are expanding. He stated that to build a city cluster in Yangtze delta has become a common development strategy of governments of various levels. And during this development process CREC is will to work with Zhangjiagang City shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand. The event of signing cooperation agreement is a right moment for CREC, utilizing its superior advantage, being a central government-owned enterprise, to improve its service quality, to deepen the bilateral cooperation, to push forward the urban construction in Zhangjiagang, to inject new energy into the economical development of Zhangjiagang City for better welfare and happiness of the people in Zhangjiagang. Through this cooperation CREC is to build, together with Zhangjiagang, a community with common destiny for a shared win.

Mr. Shen Bin also made an address, in which he stated that Shagang has been fighting and developing its business over 43 years. Being on the list of world top 500 for 9 consecutive years, present Shagang has become the biggest private steel maker of the country with state of the art technology and production facilities. He said while we are conducting the supply-side reform and improving the quality level of our products the in recent years, we are performing a comprehensive campaign with the aim of developing high-value-added products, increasing the sales of high-value-added products, increasing the profitability and winning high-end customers.  This “Two high and two increase” campaign is a strategic project with active results. We have established strategic relationship with series of well known domestic and international businesses. The event of signing strategic cooperation agreement with the trading group of CREC is another successful result of the campaign in supply side reform and the “Two high and two increase” project. Shagang is going to take this opportunity as a starting point for achieving the goal of common interests and common development. He express the wish that the trading group of CREC would make multi dimensional and directional cooperation with Shagang, such as material purchasing and sales, research and development of new product, technical innovation, project tendering, integration of resources, information sharing, and so on. Utilizing its advantages in geographic location and brand name, Shagang is to more actively participate and provide services in the construction projects in the Yangtze Delta in which CREC is involved and to go abroad together with CREC for making more contribution in building the “Belt and Road ”, said Mr. Shen .