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The documentary “Amazing China” watched by party members and staff of Shagang

“I really appreciate to have the chance to watch this great documentary arranged by the party committee of the company. The scenes we saw are astonishing, not only visually but also emotionally. I feel so proud of our motherland. As an employee, in such a nice time, the only way to make our contribution to the motherland is to get my job properly done in the company. At the moment, we are going to implement the requirements given by the management to improve our basic management level, to improve the competitiveness of the organization, to build a better corporation. ”, said Mr. Xu Liang excited, the first vice director of the department of calling for tender, after he watched the documentary “Amazing China” in the afternoon of 14th ,March.

In response to the 19th National Congress of CPC and study the spirit of “The two Sessions”, the party committee of Shagang made a special arrangement for party members and management staffs to watch the documentary on 14-15th March, with the intension of lift the sense of pride and honor of the audience. By watching the documentary the party members and the managing staff are given a vivid lessen of patriotism and to let all of them to have a better understanding to the historical achievements since the 18th National Congress of CPC in reform and opening-up, as well as in building the modern socialist country.

The 90 minutes long documentary demonstrates an image of a great nation via showing the most exciting achievements accomplished since the 18th National Congress of CPC and results of fast development, such as the biggest radio telescope ever built in the world “FAST”, the biggest off-shore platform in the world “Blue Whale 2#”, the railroad connecting China and Europe, the quantum satellite “Mozi”. It shows that one after another “Chinese miracles” are taking place in China which are the results of fearless fighting of the people with the spirit of being eager to make progress. The “road and belt” initiative has given the impetus to the economical development of the countries along the road. The documentary showed the latest engineering achievements built in China, like: bridges, roads, vehicles, harbors, networks, etc. China is brave enough to open his door to show ourselves to the world and embrace our guests. In the documentary we can see the artificial forests, ecological remediation and so on, that are telling the others that China is make the best efforts to maintain his ecological environment and China is determined to build a community of common destiny in the world.

The historical achievements in reform and opening-up activities and in building a modern socialist county, shown in scenes, deeply touched the hearts of the party members and representatives of the management staffs. Mr. Ren Hui, foreman of electric maintenance of the strip pickling and cold rolling mill, said after watching the film, “I feel really excited. The documentary has show some of super projects in which Shagang is also directly involved, such as bridge building in China and the west gas for the east pipe line. The steel product in building the Sutong railroad which is under construction, is partially supplied by Shagong and the Shagang is also one of the suppliers of X80 grade plate for making pipes used on the west gas for east pipe line project.. I feel proud of being a Shagang teammate. ”

Beside those wonderfully achievements, the touching stories told via the scenes show the dedication and devotion of their builders, especially those teams of construction, engineering and research and development consisting of young people in their 30 of age. It demonstrates the energy and strength of the young generation. “The young people are the pillars. We shall be the able to take the main responsibility. The youngsters and the members of the Communist Youth League are not only the main working force of the corporation, but also the key players in the development of the nation.  In daily work we are going to following the leadership of the party.  Under the right guidance of the Party Committee the Youth League Committee will perform our job properly and make our contribution in building a “Hundred Year Shagang” and realizing the Chinese Dream. ” said Mr. Liu Lei, the first vice secretary of the Communist Youth League of the company.