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Metallurgical Industrial Park and Shagang Group’s deep integration “618” co-construction plan started

On the afternoon of June 15, the launch ceremony of "618"co-construction plan for deep integration of Metallurgical Industry Park and Shagang Group, and "Warming Jinfeng"Charity Conference was held in the lecture hall of Jinfeng Culture and Sports Center. The secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Metallurgical Industry Park and secretary of the Town Party Committee Chang Zheng, the director of the Administrative Committee Du Yongfei and other leaders of the Park, the board chairman of Shagang Group Shen Wenrong, the Party secretary of Shagang Group, the executive director of the board of directors and chairman of Shagang Group Co, Ltd. Shen Bin, the executive director of the board of directors, vice president and executive deputy secretary of the Party Committee Chen Xiaodong and other leaders attended the event. Chang Zheng and Shen Wenrong jointly initiated the "618"co-construction plan for deep integration of Metallurgical Industrial Park and Shagang Group.

In recent years, Shagang and YMIP (Jinfeng Town) have been making progress together and seeking common development. Together with YMIP (Jinfeng Town), Shagang has made outstanding contributions for economic development and social progress of YMIP (Jinfeng Town) and soaring of Zhangjiagang through focusing on optimizing the economic structure and being powered by reform and innovation. Based on this co-construction plan, both parties will take the new pattern of co-construction as a new start and use the work innovation as the driving force, perfect the mechanism and gradually broaden the cooperation fields, make a deeper integration and comprehensive connection from six aspects of the transformation and development, innovation-driven, ecological civilization, party building lead, achievement sharing, etc., achieve the resources sharing between the Park and enterprises, make progress together, develop a good atmosphere for sharing, and promote the development of both parties to create greater glories.

Philanthropy is the cause of people's livelihood, it is love actions to inherit the virtues of the Chinese nation, display the humanitarianism, help vulnerable groups and promote social harmony. At the conference, the Metallurgical Industrial Park (Jinfeng Town) honored and awarded a large number of boundless and benevolent enterprises and individuals, and some public-spirited and loving charitable programs and charity organizations. Shagang Public Welfare Foundation won the title of "Most Loving Charitable Donation Enterprise in the year of 2016-2017". The leader of "Jinshan Yijia" Volunteer Service Team and Shagang Group's employee Zhu Hongqing won the most loving charitable behavior model in the year of 2016-2017. At the same time, the love donation was also made at the conference. Shagang donated 15 million RMB to the Jinfeng Town Charity Federation. Lei Xuemin, deputy general manager of Shagang Group Co., Ltd. signed and exchanged the contracts of Party-Masses good-neighborliness Construction Project and Shagang Education Development Fund Project respectively with the head of the Personnel Bureau of the Metallurgical Industry Park Xu Haifeng and the vice chief of Jinfeng Town Huang Hong to assist the development of party building and educational business of the Metallurgical Industrial Park (Jinfeng Town).

Over the years, Shagang has firmly established the concept of social responsibility of "serving the country with iron and steel, creating wealth and giving back to ".For the financial donations for education, roads and bridge building, flood relief, poverty alleviation and other charitable causes, and the donations for supporting public welfare causes of local culture, sports, health care, etc., the total amount has exceeded 600 million RMB, including 20 million RMB each donated to Jinfeng Middle School and Jinfeng People's Hospital respectively, and 80 million RMB of construction fund donated to Zhangjiagang Social Welfare Service Center. In 2013, Shagang people spontaneously organized the "Jinshan Yijia Volunteer Service Team"to provide convenient services to surrounding residents, which highlighted the unyielding spirit with tenderness of Shagang and Shagang people, and made positive contributions to promote Jinfeng's charity.

The "618 Co-construction Plan" was also presented in the way of animated video at the conference. The project leader of"Love is with you, Pohang goes along with you"the project leader and teammates of "Jinshan Yijia"and the project leader of "Yujingtai's 'Caring for Heroes' "shared the significance and connotation of charitable causes.