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Shagang stood on the company list of Global Fortune 500 for 10 consecutive years
Ranked the 364th in 2018

On the night of 19th, July, American Fortune Magazine released the latest ranking list of global fortune 500 of 2018. For the 10th year, Shagang has been on this list with its operation revenue of 32.5605 billion dollars in 2017, and ranked the 364th.

Since 2009, when the first time for Shagang appeared on the global fortune 500, Shagang has firmly established the concept of “entering into the global top 500 is not the terminus but a new start”, insisted on technology guidance, deepened self-dependent innovation, accelerated transformation and upgrading, strengthened competitiveness, improved quality of company economic operation in all-round. Based on these efforts, Shagang has created and expanded core competitive advantages, ranking in the fortune 500 is getting better and better.

2017 is crucial for the implementation of “the ninth Five-Year Plan” of Shagang, and it is also a spanning year for speeding up structure adjustment, specializing and strengthening steel industry, accelerating transformation and upgrading. Confront with steady progress of national supply-side structural reform, concentration on reducing over capacity of steelmaking, positive situation of steel market which is stable and slightly going up, all of Shagang members gathered effort and ideas, adjusted production and operation strategy promptly, proposed and implemented the “four centers” management works, which are yield management centered on iron-making, quality and grades management centered on steelmaking, precision management centered on steel rolling, basic management centered on all aspects, all progress, Shagang will further innovate development thoughts, accelerate transformation and upgrading, take initiative actions in the market and continue to keep stable and healthy development trend of production and operation of company. Shagang produced 31.39 million tons of iron-making, 38.35 million tons of steelmaking, 36.93 million tons of rolled products, realized 220 billion RMB of sales revenue, 25.45 billion RMB of profit and tax, 19.3 billion RMB of profit, steel output per capita, profit and tax per capita and other indicators ranked highly in the same industry in the whole country, Shagang has been awarded as “A+” level of highly competitive enterprises of China steel and that manifests strong vitality of private steel enterprises.

It is reported that Global Fortune 500 list released once a year by Fortune Magazine is the most famous and authoritative list for evaluating global large-sized enterprises, and known as “ultimate list”. This year, the total operation revenue of 500 companies on this list is close to 30 trillion dollars, with the year-to-year growth of 8.3%; the total profits hit a new record of 1.88 trillion dollars with year-to-year growth of 23%; rate of return on sales is up to 6.3%, net assets return rate is up to 10.9%, all of them exceed last year’s numbers, that demonstrates the operation situations of global most large-sized enterprises are obviously getting improvement.