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Sha Gang Group ranked the 86th in “Chinese Enterprises Top 500” list, ranked the 3rd in the steel industry

September 2, the Chinese Enterprises Federation, the Chinese Entrepreneur association released the “Chinese Enterprises Top 500” list in Xi’an for the 17th time.A total of 47 iron and steel enterprises were selected. Shagang Group ranked the 86th in revenue of 220 billion Yuan, ranked the 3rd in the steel industry.

It is understood that the list of Top 500 Chinese enterprises is published once a year, through the measurement of business income, operating profit and tax contributions, new employment and restructuring and other comprehensive factors to determine the finalists list. Since its first release in 2002, it has become an important window for observing the quality of business excellence in domestic enterprises.2018 China's top 500 entry threshold exceeded 30 billion Yuan mark for the first time, raised 16 times continuously; For the first time, the total business revenue exceeded the 70 trillion Yuan mark, reaching 71.17 trillion Yuan, up to a new level, revenue increased 11.2% from the previous year; Operating income of more than 100 billion Yuan in the number of enterprises is 172, significantly increased by 15 from the previous year's 157, the increasing  number of enterprises has hit a new high in recent years.