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Shagang ranked the 16th and the 8th in the list respectively

In the morning of August 29, 2018, China's Top 500 Private Enterprises Summit was held in Shenyang. At the meeting, National Federation released the "2018 Chinese Private Enterprises Top 500", "2018 Chinese Private Manufacturing Enterprises Top 500", "China's Private Service Enterprise Top 100" list and "China's Private Enterprises Top 500 Research and Analysis Report". Shagang Group with 2017 operating income of 220 billion Yuan ranked 16th in private enterprises and the 8th in the manufacturing industry.  

2017, Shagang seized the opportunity of good timing to promoting the supply-side structural reform, resolving the steel overcapacity, implementing iron-making as the center of the benefit management, steelmaking as the center of the quality Management, steel rolling as the center of the fine administration; Take the “Four Center” as the oriented basic management key work, accompanied by the innovation, development, transformation,upgrading and actively fighting in the market, finally achieved operating income of 220 billion Yuan. The per capita production of steel, per capita profits tax, and other indicators are ranked the forefront of the national counterparts, the Chinese iron and steel "A +" class competitive enterprise.

Since 2018, Shagang adheres to the "Quality, Efficiency and Profit" as the core of enterprise management, comprehensively promotes the implementation key work of "Four Centers", actively carries out the work of reducing the cost, strengthening the optimization of variety structure, promoting energy saving and emission reduction, and enhancing the management of purchasing enterprise production and continue to maintain a better development trend.

It is understood that the top 500 Chinese-listed enterprises in the scale of private enterprises on the basis of the investigation, by private enterprises to declare their own, and audit by Association of Industry and Commerce, in descending order of operating income.2017 China's top 500 private enterprises continue to show a good momentum of development, the entry threshold continues to improve, the super-large enterprises further increase, the quality and efficiency of the steady improvement of social contributions continue to increase, industrial structure continued optimization, overseas investment go to more rational. In addition, 17 of the top 500 private enterprises involved in the survey entered the world's top 500 in 2017, adding 1 more than last year.