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China’s First! Shagang Achieved Industrial Production of Castrip

Enjoying the beautiful season of warm spring scenery and recovery of all things.

On the morning of March 31, in Zhangjiagang, the beautiful Yangtze River, China’s first Castrip industrial production press conference came exciting news: China’s first, world’s most advanced twin-roll Castrip technology to achieve industrial production. This technology is the first Castrip production line in China successfully constructed by introducing Nucor Castrip technology and combining with independent innovation.

At the conference, Shagang Group and Nucor Steel Co., Ltd held a signing ceremony for the acceptance of the performance test of Shagang Castrip project. Shen Wenrong, Chairman of the board of directors of Shagang Group, and John J.FERRIOLA, Chairman of Nucor Steel Co., Ltd. Signed on behalf of two sides, marking that the performance of the Castrip project has reached the predetermined target.

This is an industry gathering of big names

This press conference is hosted by Shagang Group ltd, together with Nucor US and Ceri of MCC. Following are the guests.

Mr. Zhao Zhonghang, Director of experts-board for scientific and technical payoffs evaluation and rating of IOT and sensors federation of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Mr. Lu Wenyan, president of China Metallurgical News.

Madam Jiang Shangqing, vice director of the department for development, technology and environment conservation of CISA.

Mr. Li Quangong, representing metallurgical division of the department for industrial policies of National Development and Reform Commission.

From business associations: Chinese Society for Metals, Metallurgical Planning Institute, Association of metallurgical business in Jiangsu Province, Association of steel industry in Jiangsu Province.

Mr.Shen Guofang, Secretary of the party committee of Zhangjiagang City.

From government authorities and agents: Development and Reform Commission of Jiangsu Province, Department of industry and information technology of Jiangsu Province, Development and Reform Commission of Suzhou City, Department of industry and information technology of Suzhou City, Department of science and technology of Suzhou City, municipal government of Zhangjiagang City.

Mr. John J.FERRIOLA, Chairman of Nucor, USA.

Mr. Zou Jixin, Chairman and party secretary of Bao Steel,ltd, standing member of the party committee of Bao-Wu Group, China.

The directors from members of steel industry and business partners:

Tyasa Mexico, Shandong Iron and Steel Co., JISCO Group, IHI Japan, Primetals USA, Sinosteel Xingtai Machinery &Mill Roll Co.Ltd.

Mr. Shen Bin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shagang Group, Standing Executive Director of the Board of Directors, Chairman of Jiangsu Shagang Co., Ltd.

Ms. Chen Shaohui, Standing Executive Director of the Board of Directors, Executive Vice President,

Mr. Chen Xiaodong, Standing Executive Director of the Board of Directors; Vice President, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee.

Mr. Shi Yixin, Standing Executive Director of the Board of Directors of Shagang Group, General Manager of Jiangsu Shagang Co., Ltd.

From media organizations: Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua Net, China Metallurgical News, World Metals, Xinhua Daily, Suzhou Daily, Zhangjiagang Daily, etc.

This is an in-depth practice of technological progress and innovation

Ms Jiang Shangqing delivered the speech on behalf of Mr.Liu Zhengjiang (Party secretary of CISA), She said Shagang has always been firm in moving forward; brave to be a leader of the business. In the growing process Shagang values the importance of technical progress. Shagang has been untiringly making improvements on implementing new technologies, upgrading their process equipment. The road of Shagang’s development to become a modern steel giant is paved by technical innovations.

She believed that the successful start of commercial production of the Castrip facility is a success of cooperation between Shagang, Nucor and Ceri, it is a great trial for the Chinese steel industry on using state of the art steel production process. It will generate enormous force leading the new trend of production process, especially in strip production.

This is a vivid interpretation of corporate responsibility

In the speech, Mr. Shen Guofang said that a large enterprise is crucial for the development of a place. More than 40 years, under the guidance of Mr.Shen Wenrong, the Shagang people fulfilled the enterprise spirit of “self-reliance, unite to struggle, innovation and improving”, making great efforts on the steel business by overcoming various challenges. For ten consecutive years, Shagang has been ranked among the “World Top 500”, which has written a miracle of China’s private steel enterprises.

This time, Shagang Group promoted the industrial production of the first Cast Strip production line with great investment, firm vision and grand outlook again, which is not only unique in China, even in Asia.

This is a technology feast for all

Mr. Shen Bin gave a welcome address, first of all he represented the staff of Shagang Group to extend the warmest welcome to all the leaders, partners and media friends present at the site, and heartfelt thanks to all the guests who have been concerned about and supported the development and construction of Shagang for a long time.

He said Shagang would rely on the first-class scientific research team and production technical personnel, developing and innovating, continuously improve product quality, cast strip specification hot rolled products index level, for the majority of downstream users with the most excellent products, the most affordable price and thoughtful service, realize the win-win cooperation. At the same time, based on the successful experience of the first production line, in line with the principle of technology sharing and promoting technology application, we seek partners nationwide to jointly promote the application of China’s cast strip technology, production line construction and product promotion, and continuously promote the progress and innovation of China’s iron and steel metallurgy production technology.

This is an oath of duty to develop green steel

At the conference, Shi Yixin introduced to the guests the induction, construction and production of Shagang Castrip technology, production line process and advantages. He said that the twin-roll Castrip technology is a new technology with integrated process, low energy consumption, economical investment and environmental protection.

He pointed out that the advantage of Casrtip technology is that it can produce ultra-thin or ultra-wide high-strength steel and special steel very efficiently, and the product performance is stable, the fluctuation between batches is small, and the yield strength and tensile strength fluctuation between different batches are obviously lower that that of traditional got continuous rolling.

This is a perfect demonstration of the strength of the team

Speaking at the conference, Frank Fisher noted that Shagang has set several production records, including daily, weekly and monthly production records on the Castrip production line, and setting new standards for the existing and future plants. The multi-cultural expert team from all over the world has jointly opened the pioneer of the twin-roll Castrip technology. The close cooperation between the teams will accelerate the development of new products, which will surely bring the product application into new fields and continue to change the world.

Ms. Chen Shaohui hosted the press conference.

The Participants also visited the production site of Castrip with great interests.

It is reported that this project has been in preparation since January 2015, lasted four years and three months, and now has officially entered into industrial production, which will produce positive demonstration and radiation effect for structural innovation, technological process reform, energy conservation and emission reduction of Castrip products of Shagang and even China’s steel enterprise. By the end of March 2019, the production line has produced 200,000 tons of strip coils, and the production and sales of the products after trimming and leveling has basically achieved a balance. The products involved in shelves, automobile, agricultural machinery, containers and saw blades etc.