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Shagang once again ranked among the top 500 companies in the world, 24 places higher than the previous year

Fortune magazine released its 2019 top 500 list on July 22; Shagang is on the list again

Shagang ranks the 3140th with the sales revenue of US $36.4409 billion in 2018, which is 24 places higher than the previous year and ranks the 3rd among domestic steel enterprises. It has been listed among the world top 500 enterprises for the 11th consecutive year.

Since first listed on Fortune top 500 in 2009, Shagang Group set up “To enter the world top 500 is not the end but a new starting point ”concept, adhere to the science and technology as navigation, deepen the self-innovation, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, speed up structural adjustment, enhance competition power, improve enterprise economic running quality, further create and strengthen the enterprise core competitive advantages, the world top 500 ranking constantly rushed to carry.

In 2018, Shagang will strength brand building, accelerates technological progress, promote intelligent manufacturing, implement diversified development and fully expand the international and domestic markets, production and operation have maintained stable, and the comprehensive competitive strength of enterprise has been constantly improved on the basis of safety production and environmental protection technology transformation.

In 2018, Shagang completed the production of 31.83 million tons of iron-making, 40.66 million tons of steel-making and 39.54 million tons of rolled products, with sales revenue of 241 billion yuan and taxes of 33 billion yuan.

Standing on a new starting point, Shagang will continue to adhere to the keynote of “base on the steel industry, structure adjustment and optimization of investment and diversified development”. We will firmly keep in mind the three development strategies of “Making Steel Industry More Refined and Powerful, Making Modern Logistics Better and Further Expand, Making Non-steel Industry in high level”. We will drive innovation and accelerate transformation and upgrading. In 2019, still it’s a year for high quality development, safety environmental protection, foundational management consolidation, breakthrough of reform and innovation; so as the work of the environmental safety, production management, brand building, minimize accounting units, reform and innovation, intelligent manufacturing, staff quality, enterprise publicity etc.. are the priority. We will actively demonstrate new initiatives to promote more stable and efficient development of enterprise, lay a solid foundation for building a “Century Enterprise”, and make new and greater contributions to creating a steel power.