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Role as a leader on the Green Development Plan! Shagang is named as “Energy Efficiency Leader” in Energy Consuming Industry 2019

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has released a list of leading energy efficiency enterprises in key energy consuming industries 2019, Shagang Group Co., LTD was selected. In the steel industry, there were 4 leading enterprises and finalist enterprises in converter and sintering process, 2 of which were awarded to Shagang Group Co., LTD. Among them, in the converter process, Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., Ltd was selected as the leading enterprise; In the sintering process, Jiangsu Shagang Group Co. Ltd was listed.

Shagang has always attached great importance to the work of energy conservation and emission reduction, put the green development strategy in an extremely important position, relied on scientific and technological improvement, continued independent innovation, increased investment in energy conservation, and fully implemented the "Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Low-carbon" Project. Actively promote the application of new energy-saving technologies, new processes, new equipment, implementation of energy-saving technology transformation (currently, 95% of the steel industry technology in the national energy-saving technology promotion catalog has been applied in shagang).

Coking heat recovery of dry quenching process, coking wastewater treatment, heat recovery of ring cooler of sinter plant for power generation, steam external supply, blast furnace TRT power generation, dehumidifying blast, HM ladle to the end practice, heat and gas recovery of converter; heat recovery of EAF, hot charge and transfer of rolling process, automatic optimized combustion of heat furnace and heat recovery; surplus gas for comprehensive power generation plant.

Castrip is the first line of ultra- products in China which was operated from 2019.Compared with traditional process, its unit fuel, water and electricity consumption has reduced by 95%, 80% and 90% respectively, significant effect on the energy conservation and emission reduction.

Shagang continues to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, improve efficiency by improving management. In 2005, Shagang is the first one in steel industry to startup the energy management center, which realized the whole-process management of energy utilization, achieved the functions of monitoring, control, optimization and fault diagnosis, realized the centralized monitoring of the data of all energy media, so as complete the optimal energy dispatching and using management. In 2009, Shagang successfully passed the energy management system certification, becoming one of the first steel enterprises to receive this award. Shagang has been awarded as "Advanced Unit of Energy Conservation of Jiangsu Province", "Model Enterprise of Low Carbon Economy Plan of Jiangsu Province", "Advanced Enterprise of Clean Production of Jiangsu Province", and "★★★★ Enterprise of Energy Efficiency in China".