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The Only ONE from Suzhou! Shagang International Trade - Fair Trade Workstation was awarded as Provincial Outstanding Unit

A few days ago, the Provincial Department of Commerce announced the list of Import and Export Fair Trade Workstations in Jiangsu Province 2020, and a total of 28 workstations in Jiangsu Province were selected through the evaluation, among which 4 were rated as outstanding units. Jiangsu Shagang International Trade Co., LTD. Fair Trade Workstation is the only workstation from Suzhou area to be rated as.

In 2019, to deal with the serious situation of fair trade in steel industry, in one hand, Shagang Fair Trade Workstation strengthened the collection and release of the latest warning information, continuously maintained the industry dynamics of fair trade early warning, and completed the collection and uploading of quarterly reports. According to statistics, more than 350 pieces of industry trends have been published on the early warning platform, which provides enterprises with information on the new situation of international steel trade, enhances the vigilance of staff against trade frictions, and enhances the ability of enterprises to avoid trade barriers. On the other hand, it attaches great importance to anti-dumping and countervailing cases against steel products and actively contacts relevant departments of enterprises to coordinate and guide the response to the lawsuit.

It’s learned that the Import and Export Fair Trade Workstation is upgrading from the provincial one, on the basis of improve positioning, expanding function, relying on the industry association in the province or import and export fair trade leading enterprises to set up public service platform, is mainly responsible for trade remedy cases of early warning surveillance, industry coordination, tracking and feedback, information consulting, business training, external communication and negotiation, assist in the anti-monopoly review of concentration of business operators, trade policy review, trade agreement propaganda work, etc.