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Jiangsu Shagang Group Investment Holding Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Shagang Group Investment Holding Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ‘Shagang Capital’), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Shagang Group, was established in April 2016 with registered capital of 2 billion RMB. The predecessor of Shagang Capital is the investment department of board of director established in 2005. Since the establishment, Shagang Capital closely around the announcement of board of director: the strategy of to be stronger and more precise in steel, the main business, to be big an superior in modern logistics, to be good and firm in non-steel industry, and the new pattern of‘one body, two wings’, which means that steel industry as the main business, modern logistics and non-steel industry as the two wings. Taking ‘actively explore, steady progress, risk control’ as the basic principles, on order to promote the layout of non-steel industry actively and steadily. The total investment in non-steel industry has reached more than 50 billlion RMB. The development of the non-steel industry has fostered and formed a new benefit growth point for Shagang Group. Promoting the mutual support and coordinated development between the main business and non-steel industry, in order to enhance Shagang Group’s overall strength and comprehensive competitiveness.

As the investment platform of Shagang Group that cultivate and develop the non-steel industry in the future, Shagang Capital take the responsibility of development planning, preliminary research, program planning and program implement of outbound investment, as well as responsible for the function of post-investment management except for the real industry that steel business related. At present, Shagang Capital has more than 40 employees, over 60 projects that contain direct investment in primary market, privacy equity investment, secondary market investment has been managed, which involving the industry of Finance, new energy vehicles, pharmaceutical, medical, semiconductor, new materials, great health, consumption, etc. The market value scale for the direct management has reached 25 billion RMB. The market value scale for the indirect management has reached 50 billion RMB.

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