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Shen Bin:The Man of Promoting Regional Economic Development

On March 10, "Internet Weekly" by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Information Technology Research Center of China Academy of Social Sciences, eNet Research Institute, Future think-tank/Strategy Consulting Co., LTD. hosted the “2019 Internet Weekly Person, Product and Brand Campaign (5th)” in the form of all media matrix released 2019 annual list, Shen bin, Chairman of China Iron and Steel Association, Executive Director of Board of Shagang Group, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board, was named “The Man of Promoting Regional Economic Development in 2019”.

Selected Reason: From the small mill to the World’s TOP 500, Jiangsu Shagang Group has evolved and gradually transformed itself, contributing to the regional economic development with its enterprise strength.

The award presentation said: No matter what technology or phenomenon is featured in the era, what truly immortalizes society is the pursuit of beyond profit, the principle of persistence, and the vision of creating a world-class enterprise endowed by entrepreneurs’, These pursuits and principles are the soul of an enterprise, the enterprise with the soul not just a flash in the pan, but will be built evergreen. Entrepreneurs with humanistic ideals are one of the most valuable social wealth in any era.

Since Mr. Shen Bin was selected as the Secretary of the Party Committee of Shagang Group in 2010, the long-term strategic goal “To be a base supplying quality steel, Build a century-old enterprise in immortal”is firmly implemented by him, “Quality, Efficiency and Benefit” are the core ideas of development, so the innovation, upgrading, transformation and improving comprehensive competitiveness should be executed. “‘Party Building’ is also a type of productive force” is an innovative concept concluded by him, we should explore the best joint point of the Party Building and enterprise production & operation, give full play to the Party Organization as the political core role, the Party members as the pioneering and exemplary role in enterprises, expand the political advantages of enterprise constantly. Under the leadership of Shen Bin and his team, the enterprises have achieved efficient and steady development and have been listed in the World TOP 500 for 11 consecutive years.

Shen Bin has made outstanding contribution to the economic and social construction and won widespread social recognition. Right now he serves as Vice Chairman of ALL-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chairman of China Iron and Steel Industry Association (CISA), Member of Standing Committee of All-China Youth Federation, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Association of Industry and Commerce, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Youth Federation, etc. And was voted of the third batch of Leading Talents For Science and Technology Entrepreneurship under the "National  10,000 Person Plan", "Outstanding Builder of the Socialist Cause with Chinese Characteristics", "National Science and Technology Innovation Entrepreneurial Talent", "Top 10 Outstanding Management in Jiangsu Province", "Outstanding Communist Party Member of Jiangsu Province ","Young Station Expert in Jiangsu Province", "Outstanding talents in Suzhou ", "Excellent Leader of Grassroots Party Organizations in Suzhou ", "Top Ten Outstanding Youth in Suzhou" , "Suzhou Model Worker" and other honors.