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Deserved! Shagang is awarded as the “Benchmarking” on ecological development

Fifth of June is World Environment Day, China Metallurgical News released the list of “Ecological Development Enterprises”, Shagang was awarded as the “Benchmarking”.

Through successful navigation of science & tech. and ecological development on the steel & iron business, over the past years, Shagang has always on the way of transferring to a enterprise which can balance resources & energy conservation and environmental protection, as of now has invested 20 billion Yuan to conducted nearly hundreds of major renovation projects, such as the five major circulatory systems of Gas, Steam, Slag, Coke by-product and Industrial Water.  In 2018, Shagang planned and input 8.5 billion Yuan again to conduct a new round tech. revamping, concentrated on the four major environmental protection projects of Coke Oven, Sintering Gas Desulfurization and Denitrification; seal processing of Coke and Coal Silo, C Type Stockyard, etc.. Meanwhile, by controlling the source of environmental protection, addressing both symptoms and toot causes, Shagang has made green ecological development the new competitiveness of enterprises.

Shagang has successively won reputations like "National ★★★★ Enterprise in Energy Efficiency"(the unique one in steel industry), "Advanced Enterprise of Clean Production and Environmental Protection", “Leading Enterprise of ecological Development”, "National Advanced Enterprise of Clean Production in Steel Industry", "China's Environmental Protection Demonstration Unit", "Advanced Enterprise of Clean Production in Steel Industry", “Advanced Enterprise of Emission Reduction”, “Advanced Enterprise of Energy Conservation” in Jiangsu Province and other more honorary titles