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Shagang Group: Party Building Leads High-quality Development

To Creat a Typical Model of Party Construction in Non-public Enterprises

Promoting the full coverage and high-quality development of Party building in private enterprises; It’s an inevitable element to handle the new phase of development, it’s an important support to implement the new concept of development, and also it’s even the integrant part to establish new pattern of development. 

Shagang Group(hereinafter referred to as”Shagang”) is a leader of private steel enterprise in China, since its establishment 45 years ago, the Shagang Party Committee never stop to deepening the Party building and understanding of concept, improving organization capacity in primary-level; As the provincial unique reform pilot unit of industrial workforce, we take specific measures to stimulate the capacity of innovation and execution; transfer the creativity of Party Building to the productivity and competitiveness  of firm’s high-quality development  besides the main business. Up to now, Shagang Party Committee has 16 subordinate Party branches, the quantity of Party member has occupied over 14% of total staff, it has formed a non-public enterprise Party Building with the features of “Four Haves( they are:have base, have system, have platform and have creativity)”. “Shagang Party Building Performance Management” has been listed as “Provincial Model of Party Building Creativity Work” by Organization Department of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee.

Strengthen the bastion of Party Building in private enterprises, improve organizational capacity in primary-level

During the great story of development journeys of private enterprises at home, the innovative theories and support measures of the Party are always guide a bright future, input power and boost self-confidence for private enterprises. Optimize the Party building in private enterprise is an integrant part of comprehensicely promote Party building in the new era, also it’s the internal requirement and inevitable choice of high-quality development for private enterprises to further emancipate minds,deepen reform and make work more soild .

In recent years, under the guidance of the leadership of Party committees at all levels and the organization department,” two covers" (Party organization and Party work cover)” were promoted in private enterprises, promote the party building work deeply integrated with the business development, "the Party building do the firm's productivity, competitiveness and cohesiveness", it has become the consensus of the management of private enterprises.

Shagang is growing up in the spring breeze of Reform and Opening-up. In the 45 years since it was built, Shagang continues to deepen understanding, integrated the Party construction work into the overall arrangement of enterprise development to study and deployment, transferred the Party's organizational advantages into the enterprise's competitive and development advantages,it has become a leading private iron and steel enterprises, a model of national iron and steel industry revitalization, ranked among the World's Top 500 Enterprises for 12 consecutive years.

Shen Wenrong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shagang Group, said: "’Adhere to the leadership of the Party’ is the red gene with Shagang inborn, and the development of the country is always resonant with the ‘red culture’ of Shagang, and do practical and fine Party building work is the solid guarantee of high-quality development of Shagang."

For private enterprises, the weakness on professional and organization of primary level, and “No Fusion” between Party building and business has always been the pain point of party building work. Shagang has more than 40,000 employees, it’s a large number of personnel and not centralized, so the work pressure of how to effectively improve Party building of primary level is great.

Over the years, the Party Committee of Shagang brings the Party building work into the task list of the Party Committee responsibility to implement, in the form of a quantitative list to be strictly performed level by level, layer upon layer to grasp the implementation of the Party building work responsibility mechanism. We will continue to strengthen the foundation for Party building in non-public enterprises, lay a solid foundation for community-level organizations, and consolidate a strong fortress for Party building in non-public enterprises.

Strengthen the Party organizations, and implement the "Plan as a whole" of major department directors of the Party and work. From middle-level management to technical positions, from energy conservation and environmental protection, index improvement, quality improvement to variety development, equipment management and other work, Shagang Party committee has trained a number of good political quality, good at doing ideological work of the staff members, enrich to the party organizations at all levels, leading the development of enterprises in the right direction.

On the issues of operation decisions, Party and government principles and policies, even the vital interests of workers,” Plan as a whole” can effectively stimulate the pragmatic and fine work of primary-level Party organizations, let private enterprises to carry out business activities to reduce costs, explore potential innovation and increase efficiency. At present, more than 95% of the primary-level general branch (branch) leadership of the implementation of alternate-appointment " Plan as a whole ",the director of each plant concurrently holds the post of secretary of the general Party branch, and perform the functions of “head director” .

Ensure the full coverage of primary Party organizations, "where the workshop is built, the branch is built". For the situtation of large number of branches and wide distribution, Shagang Group Party Committee adhere to the principle "where is the workshop building, where branch is build", to ensure the overall coverage of party construction in primary level, improve or adjust the organization structure in time, clear leadership, define accountablity and scope of Party groups. In the past five years, for example, the Party Committee of Shagang Group has set up the general party branches of Cold rolled, BOF,EAF, Long Product, Ironmaking plant and other general party branches, and constantly adjust or add new party branches according to the actual situation.

Party building with clear responsibality division and guidelines can promote the continuous enhancement of comprehensive competitiveness of Shagang Group, and pushe forward the overall strategy and operating achievements to a new level of the whole Grpup Company. Up to now, the Party Committee of Shagang has 16 general Party branches and 66 Party branches under its authority, and the number of Party members’ accounts for more than 14% of the total number of employees. It has formed to be a non-public enterprise Party building with “Four Haves” characteristics which means "have foundation, have system, have platform and have creativity ".

Build strong industrial worker team; stimulate professional ability and activity in primary level  

Talent is the key factor of production and important internal kinetic energy of enterprise development. The Party building work and enterprise talent training have the same frequency resonance, mutual integration and common progress, which can not only achieve the goal of "Party members are the backbone, the backbone are Party members", but also achieve the effect of "Party building agglomerates talents and talents lead innovation", and truly achieve strong Party building, strong talent team and strong enterprises.

In 2018, Jiangsu formulated and issued the 《新时代江苏产业工人队伍建设改革实施方案》, which clearly proposed to carry out political construction projects and lead industrial workers to be the pioneers of the times in promoting high-quality development.

Shagang has a group of industrial workers with solid basic professional skills and their dedicated passion have made outstanding contributions to its rapid development. As the province's unique industrial workers team construction reform project pilot units, Shagang Party Committee realized that, adhere to the political leadership of the party building work and the role of the bridge of the trade union organization are guarantee to build high-quality industrial workers team, promote the reform of the production.

Leading by Party building and firm belief can be energy-gathered. Since the beginning of construction and reform of industrial workers, Shagang has given full play to the advantages of Party Building, carried out cross-office in the general branch of the Party and Labor Union, led by Party building and promoted Party building by construction of workers, educated and guided the majority of staff and officials to follow the Party unswervingly.

" Ideological political and faith education is always the primary condition thtoughout the reform." Said Shen Bin, Party Aecretary of Shagang Group, Executive Director of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Company Ltd.Shagang Group carries out summary, evaluation and commendation activities covering the whole staff every year to evaluate the daily performance and summarize highlights of the year. Honors such as "Model Worker" and "Advanced Individual Person" not only enhance the sense of achievement and gain of employees, but also make the idea and practice of making contributions and striving as a common trend.

The Party Committee of Shagang also persisted in holding joint meetings of Party Branch secretaries, Trade Union officials and workers' representatives, actively listening to the voices of workers and striving to solve practical demands. Shagang takes the reform of industrial workers' team construction as an opportunity to unite cadres and workers closely in ideals and beliefs, values and moral concepts.

Enable development, improve quality and cast "Ingenuity". The Party Committee of Shagang insists on improving the quality of workers and promoting the growth of enabling as the primary task of gathering the company's technological innovation ability, and focuses on cultivating a group of industrial workers with market competitiveness and adapting to the needs of transformation. Since 2019, Shagang Group has started to implement the post contract responsibility system. According to the "five-year plan and 10-year vision" formulated by the company, the big goals have been decomposed to Party organizations at all levels to ensure that "Everyone is responsible" for the development of the enterprise.

In view of the situation of many new employees, especially the weak skills of workers in the front-line skilled operation positions,the Party committee of Shagang timely improves the working mechanism of industrial workers' pairing, new "master and apprentice", "three channels" and so on, enables the development of professional skills of employees, guides new employees to become talents based on their posts, and builds a new industrial worker team.

According to Shao Chunjuan, assistant researcher of Slab and Strip of Shagang Steel Research Institute, Master not only taught her what she had learned, but also explained the deeper mechanism of new product research and development with practical experience, which helped her develop practical working habits, so that she could focus on scientific research and grow rapidly. In just two years, she has been able to independently track the processing and performance of new samples, complete the laboratory metallography and hardness mechanical analysis, and published three papers in authoritative journals.

Training is the most effective means to improve the comprehensive quality of workers. Shagang set up a professional training department to create a four-level complete training system for the group, the company, the branch and the workshop. At the grass-roots level, all departments organize and carry out special trainings on safety knowledge and risk prevention and control skills around the training blueprint for foremen before, during and after their appointment, so as to effectively improve the safety management of foremen.

Shagang also established the "Three Channels" mechanism of Technology, Skills and Management. Frontt-line workers can constantly improve their skills, and declare junior workers, senior workers, technicians and other skill levels; Through the establishment of "Professional Title Appraisal Mode", the technical level of the employees is appraised, and the management personnel continue to increase their abilities through rank promotion. "The 'Three Channels' also can be adopted in uncommon talent selection mechanism". One director from Shagang HR Department introduced that through this multi-dimensional, multi-level, all-round positioning for workers,it truly realize the target of ‘Everyone can do full justice to their talents’

Focus on the main business, Party building innovation to enhance the competitiveness of high-quality development

For private enterprises, the Party's construction must be carried out closely around the production and management of enterprises. In Shagang, whether it is a major project, the production line, or the management system, the Party building plays a key leading role. One hand, the Party committee of Shagang Group integrates into the enterprise management and development, accelerates the promotion of project innovation and development, further development for steel business, and creates a new profit growth point. On the other hand, we should consider more long-term operation and management strategy, integrate party building work into performance management, and stimulate employees' internal motivation.

In recent years, the international and domestic situation is complex. In the process of in-depth study of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, the Party committee of Shagang Group has deeply realized that it is necessary to focus on our iron-steel business, enhance ability by integrating innovative resources, optimize the overall structure of the steel industry, and transform to high quality and high standard for the development.

Establish a production mode with "Party Building + Industry Chain", and make our steel industry more powerful. Iron and steel industry is the main industry of Shagang, also it’s the competitiveness of Shagang. Steel industry is the precondition to build up Centry Shagang, concentrate and practice in internal skills, according to the market demand to accelerate the adjustment of product structure and upgrading.

In 2019, Shagang Group announced the realization of industrial production of China's first Castrip production line, which was praised by the industry as “A great attempt and successful practice of China's steel production process technology innovation". The Party committee of Shagang Group has built a production mode of "Party building + Industrial Chain" to boost the high-quality development of industrial projects. During the whole period of commissioning, the Party members played a leading role in the trial production with indomitable spirit, six veterans led the skilled team overcome difficulties on scheduling, indicators research and technical promotion, realized a new record of running time for eight hours 40 minutes without stop.

It is a challenge for the Party Committees of private enterprises to infiltrate the work of Party building into the production and operation of enterprises and form a set of effective management methods to drive the development of the main business.

Establish a performance management system for Party building to stimulate internal motivation of workers. In the aspect of deepening stimulate and constraint mechanism, the Party committee of Shagang explored and created "Shagang Party Construction Performance Management" system, promoted the integration and penetration of Party building and enterprise production & operation, to stimulate employees’ creativity, and provided a new political impetus and organizational guarantee for the good and fast development of the company.

"Shagang Party Building performance management" system plays the core role of "Party Building is also productive forces", "Three Combination" to ensure that the Party building work is implemented. The Party committee of Shagang combined the Party building work with the business objectives, the quantitative indicators and the construction of the two civilization of the enterprise. Centered on the improvement of work efficiency and enterprise benefits, the Party Committee formulated the detailed rules for the performance target assessment of the Party organization in six aspects, such as the organization construction and the system construction, and turned the "soft task" of the Party building work into the "Hard Indicator".

In annual review for Party organization and members, the discipline, working style, workers’ ideological education and team work, etc. are the main testing items, meanwhile, plus evaluation of production performance and management level; realizes the assessment of Party Building performance and economic performance in parallel; We will encourage primary-level Party organizations and Party members to make real efforts to improve their performance and do their work in a down-to-ground manner.

The Organization Department of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee believes that "Party Building performance management in Shagang" has reference significance for strengthening and improving the Party construction in non-public enterprises, and it is listed as "A fine example of innovative work of the Party Building in the Province", which will be promoted at the provincial level.