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Zhangjiagang Shagang Group Life Service Co., Ltd

Zhangjiagang Shagang Group Life Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shagang Life Service) is subordinate to Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., Ltd., which is a large comprehensive service company with independent management and facing the society. After nearly 20 years of development, it has formed an efficient management system in catering, hotel, property service, as well as cleanness and virescence, sewing, laundry, child care and other business development pattern.

Shagang Life Service now has 49 dining spots and provides 3.8 million fast food meals annually. Operating two hotels inside and outside Shagang, annual service for group company internal dining, accommodation, conference and external reception over one hundred thousand person-times; Managed 209 sets of housing, such as residential areas and office buildings, 150,000 square meters of collective dormitories, 190,000 square meters of family dormitories, 480,000 square meters of virescence and 620,000 square meters of cleaning management; a water workshop produce "Ling Dan" pure water and salt soda water. At the same time, the company also have qualifications on marketing of hardwares, building materials, furnitures and other daily department stores and real estate agents, business management, mechanical and electrical maintenance, exhibition etiquette etc..

Over the years, Shagang Life Service always adhere to the "Service First, Credit First", won the honorary title of "Hight-Integrity Enterprise of Zhangjiagang City". In the new journey, Shagang Life Service Company will further extend the service chain, enhance the brand value and make greater contribution to build "Century Shagang" on the basis of providing a full range of life logistics support for Shagang Group Co., LTD.

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  • Address:Zhangjiagang Jinfeng Town Yongxin Road
  • Postal Code:215625
  • Tel:0512-58568002
  • Fax:0512-58568659